Balloon models Balloon models Basket of Fruit & Hat Both of these models are a David Grist design. As you can see they are really spectacular. 138262121 Pluto Flossie was the first person I saw with this model. There are lots of designs like this out there though. 139402550 Snoopy Not long after starting balloon modelling I brought a number of D.V.D's by the late David Grist this model came from one of those D.V.D's. They were worth every penny I paid for them. 138263614 Hong Kong Phoey John Christianson posted this model on BalloonHQ it brought back some memories and I had great fun making it. 138315304 Santa Decoration I came up with the idea of using models like this for decorations but the head design is another David Grist model. 139402572 Kangaroo I really love this model it was designed by Ric Font very popular with the girls. Thanks Ric I love making it. 138315311 Ballet Dancer Another Ric Font designs. I have used this model quite a few times in my show. Great for a special birthday girl to. 138311707 Bird on a Perch This model in another Michael Floyd design I got when he posted it on Balloon HQ. 138263617 Spider My idea for this spider came from a design I saw by Michael Floyd I have changed it a bit but he has to have the credit for the idea. 138263620 Sea Turtle Designed by Tonya McNeill and posted on BalloonHQ. This is a really nice simple model. 138263622 Hammerhead Shark This is quite a large model but does not take to long to make. It is a design by Ric Font which he shared on BalloonHQ. 138264047 Yacko Ralph Dewey designed this model. I have no idea who the character is but I liked it anyway. 139402553 Frog I quite liked this frog designed by John Christianson I like the way the round balloon has been used. 139402554 Elephant I really like this model by Tonya McNeill its a great use of mixing balloons the ears are made from heart balloons. 139402565 Fish I got this fish from the BalloonHQ web site it was created by Asi Cohen I find it very visual. 138263613 Elephant This model is very much like the elephant by Tonya McNeill I have just used Geo balloons for the ears instead of the hearts that Tonya used. 139402566 Dog Eric Weinstein created the head of this dog as part of a bracelet. I thought it was so good I had to add the body. 138315314 Reef Fish This fish was designed by Pascal Grooten and he posted it on Balloon HQ 138264051 King Fisher Pieter van Engen designed this really cool King Fisher. I thought it would be really nice to add thr tree. Once I had done that I decided to add the fish in the pond. 138264049 Dragster A design by Majic Ludoviv which he showed on BalloonHQ. I have added the head to make his model even better. 138264244 Ant Designed by Dee White and was in issue No 49 of Balloon Magic magazine. 139402619 Vulture I really enjoyed making this model which was designed byMajic Ludovic 138264243 Monkey Ori Livney designed this one balloon monkey. Very clever. I often think it is much harder to make a nice model from one balloon than using two or more. Another model from the Balloon Magic magazine. 139402621 Sun Flower A really nice model always popular the creator was Majic Ludovic, 138265737 Turtle Another model designed by Dee White. I got this from the Balloon Magic magazine issue no 51. 139402622 Cello I am quite amazed at the amount of people that ask me to make an instrument. Here is a nice model designed by Ric Font. 138276948 Raccoon A really nice model designed by Dee White I made it from the instructions given in Balloon Magic magazine issue No 51. 139402623 Ice Age This model is a design by Sabina. When I saw it on balloonHQ I just had to try to make it. 138315305 Penguin This model is a decoration in our lounge at Christmas and I have made it from 160 balloons. I have altered it a little but the idea came from a book by Palloncini. 139402573 Purple Cow If you can have a Pink Panther then why not a purple cow? This is a creation by Jeanine and quite an early one on BalloonHQ 139402578 Gun Another design by Ralph Drewey its not often I make a gun but this one is a good one to go for. 138263629 Popeye Another great model from one of the very first balloon modelling books I ever brought. The book was Dream Balloons by Palloncini. 138264393 Flower Not sure where I got this model but lots of people do make it and it right up there as one of the most popular. 138276028 Bob The Builder What a fantistic model. I got this one from a David Grist DVD that I brought some years ago. 139402595 Rubber Duck This rubber duck was designed by Ralph Drewey but I was shown it by someone else. 138263630 Where Babies Come From If you ever want to make someone smile then this is the model to use. I have made it loads of times for expectant mums its a real winner and designed by Jeanine. 138308305 Road Runner A really great model from one of the Palloncini books worth every penny I paid for them. They have been used over and over again. 138263632 Duck on Nest This is actually two peoples models put together. The duck is by Ralph Drewey and the nest is by David Grist. The nest design was a Christmas wreath I have just changed the colours. 138265440 Elephant Tonya McNeill designed this model but she made it from one balloon (very clever). I have used more balloons to make the model a little bigger. 138308262 Snail I think this was the second balloon model that I ever made. The model is from a book by Palloncini. 138308303 Penguin One of the most popular models that I make it comes from a book by Palloncini. I have added an extra twist in th.e body as I think it fills the model out and helps the arms sit better 138266545 Bunny This rabbit was a design by Bonnie Davis I really like the body it is a bit different to the way others made a body when I first saw it. 138264245 Ladybird I have seen a number of people make models like this one so to give the credit to one individual would be unfair. Its really several ideas along with my own all mixed up together. 138265734 Swan's Another really nice design that came from one of the books by Palloncini. This one was from the New Scultures book. 139402618 Frog Very simple but really effective a design by Barak Dagan. 138263627 Chicken This model was designed byBarak Dagan. I like the touch with the two heart balloons very neat. 138263623 Baby T-Rex Designed by Bonnie Davis neat, small and nicely compact. 138264928 Monkey I am often asked if I have a favourite model that I enjoy making. This would be right up there as one of the best. I got this one from David Grist. 138278081 Motorbike Another model by Palloncini. Its a great model that leaves people looking on in amazement. In fact I find this one quite easy to make. 138308304 Cat This model was designed and posted on BalloonHQ by Jack Byrd. 138315312 Dog Ric Fout created this really nice dog. I have changed the body to the photo Ric posted on BalloonHQ but I liked the head and ears. 138263396 Snow Man Yet another great design by the late David Grist. He was a great artist but the ability he had to teach others will never be forgotten. A Greatly missed balloon artist. 138360314 Rhinoceros I really like this model that was posted on BalloonHQ by Magic Ludvic. 139837373 Big Rabbit I saw this model by Albert. It was on BalloonHQ. The head is the same but I prefered this body so added two designs together. 138266543 Santa & Reindeer Both of these models came from a DVD by David Grist. On the DVD they are made from 260 balloons. For these decorations I have made them from 160 balloons. 139402571 Snowman Another David Grist model that was on his DVD. His model was made from 260 balloons. For this decoration I have used 260 balloons. 139402574 Poodle Eric Weinstein posted this design on BalloonHQ. I have used a different body but used his design of the head. 139402577 Alian The alian was a model from a DVD I brought by the Late David Grist. I added the ray gun some time later. Little additions like this can greatly enhance a model. 138264274 Snail I am really not sure where I first saw this really nice snail. Its not all that easy but I do like the finished actical. 138315303 Simple Bear The first time I saw this model was on BalloonHQ by someone called beating. I am not sure if he did design it though as lots of others have a design that is very much the same. 138263616 Tropical Fish I thought I made this design from the instructions in a Balloon Image magazine. However I don't seem to have that copy of the mag anymore so not to sure who the designer is. 138315308 Bug Mixture The big flying bug in the middle is one of my own designs. I used a technique taught by David Grist called weaving. This was made while messing around and trying out this technique. 139402582 Dog With so many different designs of balloon dogs around not to sure where this one came from. It may well be I have used different ideas from different people and added them together. 138315315 Bird The main body of this bird is the same as the Road Runner that is from one of the Palloncini books I have just changed the colour. I then added the head from another model. 138263628 Dog If you take a look a the Little Bird model I made which was designed by Geff Hayes then you will notice the way the legs are made is the same. I thought having a bit of 138264247 Snake I'm not to sure where I saw this great little model. To curl the balloon you inflate a balloon then let all the air out. You then inflate the balloon again while it is wrapped around your finger. 138265735 Rabbit The head for this rabbit was on a David Grist DVD. If you take a look at the top hat you will see the model is the same. I have added the body to have a completed rabbit 139402602 Man holding flowers This quick and easy design was created after I had made the David Grist Alian (the body here is the same design) THe head is made from a heart shape balloon and the bubbles around the neck hold the head in place. 138264279 Duck This is another one of those models that I'm not quite sure where it came from. It could wel be one individauls design or I may have added different artists designs together. 138263631 Alian By far the most popular balloon model that I make. I was taught this by David Grist. 138276023 Owl This design by Ric Font was posted on BalloonHQ. 138276022 Basket of Fruit & Top Hat Both of these designs are from a DVD by David Grist. I made them up as part of a show and cought my lad playing with them when I went into our lounge. 139232486 Pink Panther Here is a really nice model. It was actually the second model I ever did. I brought a balloon modelling book by Palloncini and it really gave me the bug for balloons. 138278083 Little Bird I have made a number of birds but this one designed by Jeff Hayes uses a different body and I have been able to adapt this for other models. 138594332 Dolphin As soon as I saw this model by Jeff Hayes I knew it would be a winner. I have been able to use the basis for several of my own designs so thanks for sharing this model Jeff. 138594336 Candle A nice balloon model that can be added to the large men and models of like design. 139837375 owl This great little owl was created by Jack I think its a really cool model and quite easy to make. 140442547 Exotic Fish This fish was created by Fabrizio Bolzoni and was in the Balloon Magic magazine issue No 42. 138594329 Flower It may not be quite the same but the idea for this flower was inspired by Antonio Becares Rodriguez who shared through BalloonHQ. 140442541 139402575 139402576 138263618 138315313 138315318 138315316 Angle 139402600 138315319 138315320 139402611 139402609 138265438 139402613 138265441 138265442 139402620 138266542 138266544 138265439 139402624 Crocodile A large model but quite easy to make. This is from the Palloncini book Dream Balloons. 139577873 Rocking Horse Quick and easy to make great for younger children. It came from the book Fantastic Balloons by Palloncini. 139655293 Octopus The very first model I ever made it just had straight legs. David Grist taught me how to curl a balloon which enabled me to make this model. 138276024 Chicken A simple design which I have seen quite a few times on a number of animals. This design whoever I first got from Daniel McCullough. 138594333 Uncle Scrooge When I first started balloon modelling I brought three books by Palloncini and this model came from Palloncini Fantastic Balloons. All these books are now on DVD and I would recomend them to anyone 139577874 Owl This model was in Balloon Magic magazine issue No 54 and is a design by Laura Caldwell. 140016824 Pacifier This is quite good fun for fancy dress or the carnival pram race it brings a good laugh. It comes from a Palloncini book. 139655291 Frog on Lilly Pad This really great frog eleven twists in one balloon is another David Grist design all I did to enhance the model is add the lilly pad. 140047698 Snowman This really nice snowman was a design by Ric Font. Out of all the snowman I have seen this I think is the best yet probley the simplist to make. Rool on Christmas. 138276031 138276946 138276029 138276026 138276030 138276027 138276947 138276945 138278079 Tweety If you take a look at the penguin I have made by Palloncini it is the same model. I just relised one day that by changing the colour you end up with this great model. 138278077 138278078 138278084 138278085 138278087 138278088 138357140 Giant Rat When I saw this model by John Christianson I thought it would be a good one to try. I'm sure I will be asked for a rat at some point as I have known a number of people that have kept them as pets. 138308263 138357141 Parrot on Perch I really like this parrot, believe it or not it is made from one balloon. I found this in a book for beginners which I picked up for 5p on a car-boot' not sure what happened to the book or who it was written by. 138308302 Three Little Pigs 138357142 138557773 Rabbit Although I have made the body a little different in the main this rabbit is the design of Ric Font 138557774 Snake/Pink Panther One model by David Grist the other by Palloncini and I have just added the two together. 139219247 138557775 138557776 139950724 139232488 138557777 138557778 139219356 138557898 139232490 138557899 139232493 Bunny A model by Jeff Hayes. I like the feet on this rabbit it moves away a bit from the usual designs that are often used. 138557900 138557901 Pluto Hound This model was designed by Ric Font. Its a nice one as its a little different in the way the legs sit and I like to have as big a varity as possible. 138557902 138594331 139233148 139233149 139233152 139233153 138594335 139233586 138594337 139233591 138595674 141211704 141211705 141211706 Crab A really nice model which I made from a Palloncini book. 141211707 Princess Crown I get asked quite a lot for things like this. This model from a Palloncini book is a really nice model and very visual. 141211708 141211709 Clown This model is a clastic example that simple can often be best. I just love the whole design. I found it on BalloonHQ and it is a design by Magic Ludovic. 141211711 141211712 Witch on Broom I don't really like doing this type of model. But this model by Ralph Dewey I did like and when I did it it looked even better. 141250771 Chicken 169564407 Mario 169564408 Frog 169564409 Owl 169564410 Snail 169564411 Butterfly 169564412 Hulk 190034027 Spiderman 190034028 Mallard Duck 190034029 Swan 190034030 Flimingo 190034031 Nemo Fish 190034032 Eagle 190034033 Dragon Fly 190034034 Lobster 190034035 Princess 190034036 Minion Despicable Me 190034037 Minion Despicable Me 190034038 Cat 190034039 Hound Dog 190034040 190054008 190054010 190054012 190054398 190054399 190054401