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Amazing, incredible, astonishing, unique the feedback from customers who have witnessed the very special balloon modelling and entertainment that has been provided at parties, weddings, corporate business events, christenings, anniversaries, balls and for hotels and campsites and the list could go on. You have the opportunity to witness the greatest ballon  artist you are ever likely to see.

Balloon modelling has captivated people of all ages for many years and the appeal never seems to wear off!

With more than 300 models in an amazing portfolio you are guaranteed  there will be something to please everyone.

There is almost no limit to the time, place or event where balloons can be used.

With limited space you can  make a powerful impact using balloons at your event. Mr Bamboozle will leave you and your guests astonished with the remarkable way he makes balloon models come to life before your very eyes. The magic is seeing such an amazing variety of characters appear right in front of you.

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